Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Deathly Hallows

Ok, so I finally finished the book!  WOW!

I have to admit, I'm a Harry Potter fan through and through.  I picked up two copies of the book (1 in hardcover and 1 in audiobook) for me and my wife.  Actually, we both could have shared the book, or I could have bought my own hardcover instead of the audio version, but considering I had the rest on either CD or cassette I figured I should stay true.  I also have enjoyed listening to the previous 6 books on audio.  There is something in the consistent tones, inflection, and voices produced by Jim Dale that it just wouldn't be the same reading it for myself.  Also, it is much easier to listen to it while working then try to read it at work. :)

The one bad part of it all was that Kristin was constantly ahead of me.  This was the first time she was on that end of the stick so I suppose turn about is fair play. :(

Not wanting to go in to too much detail and give anything away to the throngs of readers that flock to my blog (riiiiight), I'll just say this...

I was extremely pleased with how the whole story wrapped up.  Although the ending wasn't too different that I had expected, the journey was exciting enough to keep me wanting for more.


Anonymous said...

Even though I was ahead of you I was a very gracious person and didnt give even a clue away!!

Brian said...

Gracious yes, but it was still a pain. :)