Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Week 6 [Re-Post]

No clue what happened here.  I think my blog editor copied my latest post over this file.  Actually, I think I was trying to use this post as a template and managed to have 2 posts referencing the same file.

Run #1
Mile 1: 8:27
Mile 2: 8:35
Mile 3: 8:35
Mile 4: 9:27
Run #2
Mile 1: 8:48
Mile 2: 8:53
Mile 3: 9:20
Mile 4: 9:23
Run #3
Mile 1: 8:20
Mile 2: 8:54
Mile 3: 8:50

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Deathly Hallows

Ok, so I finally finished the book!  WOW!

I have to admit, I'm a Harry Potter fan through and through.  I picked up two copies of the book (1 in hardcover and 1 in audiobook) for me and my wife.  Actually, we both could have shared the book, or I could have bought my own hardcover instead of the audio version, but considering I had the rest on either CD or cassette I figured I should stay true.  I also have enjoyed listening to the previous 6 books on audio.  There is something in the consistent tones, inflection, and voices produced by Jim Dale that it just wouldn't be the same reading it for myself.  Also, it is much easier to listen to it while working then try to read it at work. :)

The one bad part of it all was that Kristin was constantly ahead of me.  This was the first time she was on that end of the stick so I suppose turn about is fair play. :(

Not wanting to go in to too much detail and give anything away to the throngs of readers that flock to my blog (riiiiight), I'll just say this...

I was extremely pleased with how the whole story wrapped up.  Although the ending wasn't too different that I had expected, the journey was exciting enough to keep me wanting for more.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Week 5 - Days 2 and 3

So the plan to run for a set period of time seems to be working out ok.  It has been especially nice that the weather has taken a bit of a cooler turn, at least early in the day.  However, it does seem that another heat wave is upon us.  Anyway, I have been enjoying the cooler runs.

Mile 1: 8:53, Mile 2: 9:17, Mile 3: 9:05 Mile 1: 8:12, Mile 2: 8:48, Mile 3: 8:45, Mile 4: 9:09

That's right, four miles on Saturday.  Longest run to date.  Getting better.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

BizTalk Postings

I have decided to remove my work related messages from this BLOG.  I have posted all of them on my other blog.  Here are some links directly to the original postings.

The Curse of the Dollar Sign ($)

BizTalk LOB Whitepapers

BizTalk - fatal error X1001: unknown system exception

Search and Replace Pipeline Component

PGP Pipeline Component

FTP, PGP, and Me

Week 5 - Day 1

Ok, so I have decided to try and change my tactics again.  Instead of running to achieve a certain distance, I am going to run for a certain amount of time.  This way, instead of thinking how far have I gone and how much more do I need to go, I will just think about how much time is left... err, uhh, hrmmmm.  Ok, so it sounded better this morning.  We'll try this logic out this week and see how it goes.  Regardless, I can judge my improvement by how far I run in the set time period versus trying to get done faster.

Mile 1:  9:23, Mile 2:  8:52, Mile 3:  9:10

Brady's First Fish

We went to the river a couple of weekends ago.  It was extremely hot, and both Kristin and I got sunburns. Of course we remembered to lather up the kids with sunscreen, but managed to overlook ourselves.  Anyway, we took it pretty easy on Saturday, just enjoying the water and the refreshing "drinks".  After dinner, Poppy and Brady went down to the dock to try their luck at fishing.  Since we just put the dock out a few weeks prior, we were skeptical there would be any activity.  Up to this point, both Brady and Tyler have been "fishing" with fake hooks.  They have both more than caught their limit of "tree-fish".  I'm surprised the game warden hasn't revoked their license.  I have to admit they have gotten pretty good at casting and reeling in.  Tyler is dead accurate.  He can cast his line and hit ME regardless of where, or how far away, I stand.  It has become a game for him.  Lucky me. :)  Anyway, Poppy decided it was time for Brady to try his hand at some real fishing.  He fixed him up with a small hook and a fake grub and let him go to work.  Not minutes later, Brady is reeling in his first fish.  I suppose it was fitting that Brady caught his first fish with Poppy as I caught my first fish with my Grandpa.  Up to the camper he runs asking for a Ziploc.  Next thing we know, he has him a whopper of a fish.


Needless to say, he was pretty excited.

Say Guppie!

Since we had no plans of feasting on this succulent river creature, it was time to implement the catch and release policy.  As the bag was opened and poured back in to the river, the fish relinquished his "play dead" act and swam off quickly.  As I was not down there when it all happened, I grabbed my gear confident that we were gonna catch us some fish tonight.  However, that was the ONLY fish in the river, I swear.  I guess the less we catch today means there will be more for us to catch another weekend.

On Sunday, we sort of kicked it in to gear.  Poppy got the ball rolling by leveling out a pile of dirt. 

He had lots of help... :)

Dig, Dig, Dig...

Kaden decided to make some minor adjustments.  Rock placement is crucial when your feet are that tiny.

Delicate work

 We finished off the day by scrubbing and oiling the dock.  I can't wait to get back out there.  This weekend is the Poker Paddle.  If time permits I hope to make it up to watch.  Maybe next year we will participate.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Week 4 - Am I making any progress???

So, I feel like a total putz for not running as much as I should.  This week I really have no good excuse for not running.  Next week will be better.  It has to be.  I made a goal of running at least 15 times in 4 weeks.  I was planning to run 4 times a week, but I gave myself some slippage room.  Currently, I am behind my target.  On the brighter side of things, my other goal was to run 30 miles in 4 weeks and I am over 4 miles ahead of my target.  I purposely set the bar lower on this one as  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to keep up the pace.

Mile 1:  8:15, Mile 2:  8:44

Mile 1:  8:32, Mile 2:  8:43, Mile 3:  9:04

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Week 3

Last week (Week 3) was 4th of July so with vacation and all, schedules were disrupted.  Do I really want to get up extra early to run if I don't have to be anywhere?  Also, it seemed like someone in the family was sick, including myself.  Although, I did not have it as bad as others.  Anyway, I was only able to get in 3 runs that week.

Week 3 Runs

Mile 1:  8:21, Mile 2:  8:33, Mile 3:  8:50

Mile 1:  8:13, Mile 2:  8:11

Mile 1:  8:16, Mile 2:  8:31